After such an amazing year deciding Award winners was always going to be a challenging job and all our players and volunteers are due the sincere Congratulations and thanks from the Club for their massive contributions to an exciting and successful year. Here as promised are this year’s Award Winners:


Under 18 Girls

Coaches’ Player                 Chloe Samways

Players’ Player                   Chloe Samways

CABs Cup                          Madi Vine



Coaches’ Player                 Harry Tomlin

Players’ Player                   Ollie Rowlands

CABs Cup                          Ben Bryant

Colts Plaques                     Dave Vickery/Phil Stanstead

Presentation Tie                 Archie Dinnis   for selection to South West England Squad



Coaches’ Player                 Kim Upcott

Players’ Player                   Melanie Ruby

CABs Cup                          Lauren Carlyon

Plaque                              Martin Sandercock


Second Team

Coaches’ Player                 Mark Knight

Players’ Player                   Pete Bebbington

CABs Cup                          Walter Tucker


First Team

Coaches’ Player                 Daniel Pearce

Players’ Player                   Daniel Pearce

CABs Cup                          Dan Goldsmith

Supporters’ Player          Dan Pearce

Acknowledgement of Voluntary Service                 Tom Nutley (50/50)

Acknowledgement of a highly important and difficult job     Clare Bader

(in the role of Safeguarding officer and for ongoing commitment to the Club)


Endeavour Award                         Chae Jenkins

Club Person of the Year                Peter Sandercock

Chloe Dawe Award                        Vicki Doidge

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