Fri 06 Mar 2020 14:57

It’s 200 Up for The Duke!

By Ryan Westren


Today’s match marks a 200th appearance for the Cornish All Blacks by our proud skipper Lloyd Duke.


Lloyd, as everyone greatly appreciates, is a ‘proper’ club man, who also encapsulates everything that is great about rugby, caring as much off the field as he does on it.

As captain, he leads by example, putting his body on the line week in week out, which at times has meant playing whilst injured – ‘okay’, you try telling him he’s not playing on a Saturday! 

As someone who has fought hard to get where he is today, Lloyd is deservedly admired, having learnt his trade, bided his time, sought league rugby elsewhere to get exposure, and all with the goal of being a ‘Black’.

He leads from the front and will deserve every bit of the recognition rightly bestowed on him today, although knowing the man he will accept it with politeness and modesty before quickly focusing on the next task in hand.

‘One & All’ – for once embarrass him just a little, the Duke deserves to take a bow!

And please send us some pics to celebrate - we will do a gallery spread if we get enough - come on we are sure you have some great ones for us all to see an maybe some he might prefer we didn't. Go for it!

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