Finally, we have given everyone a real taste of what we can produce at this new level. A pulsating game last weekend, against one of the pre-season favourites saw us just miss by a whisker our first win of the season. Twelve tries were scored, with CABs touching down for 7 of them, but unfortunately a few interceptions and missed shots at goal left us 1 point short come final whistle. Watching the game from my usual position, of behind the posts, it was encouraging to see some of the patterns and phases of play being implemented that we've been working on all summer. It was also refreshing to see the boys take on board the lessons they'd learnt from the three previous games and focus on executing the basics (catching, passing, simple set-peice and tackling at the correct height) as they should be. Those teams didn't do anything complex/sophisticated but just did the basics very, very well. An interesting footnote is that a glance at the league table indicates what a tough start the boys have had with 4 out of the top 5 already played. However, for us we know the real battles begin and we know that we need to be having some mini-peaks, in performance, over the next couple of months. Luckily, we know that the faithful Launceston support will be there helping us over the line in a few of those!

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