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List of current DIRECTORS together with appointment dates 

List of General Committee for 2019-20


Directors' remuneration

21.1       Subject to the provisions of the Companies Acts, and to Article 21.2 below the  Board may enter        into an agreement or arrangement with any director for their employment by the Club to do any job other than being a director and attending Board meetings only,  or for the provision by them of any services or benefits outside the scope of the ordinary duties of a director.

 21.2       Any appointment of a director to an executive office shall terminate if they cease to be a director but without prejudice to any claim for damages for breach of contract of service between the director and the Club. 

 21.3       Subject to these Articles, a director's remuneration may take such form as may be agreed provided that such remuneration

                21.3.1  is fixed having regard to the current remuneration of directors in comparable posts;

                21.3.2  does not exceed the general market rate for directors providing comparable services,


1)            Email agm@conish-allblacks.uk  with person’s name AND also copy on to prospective seconder.

2)            Seconder to enter text in email to confirm they second the nominated person AND copy all email to the nominated person.

3)            Person nominated as Director then, if they agree to stand, then enters this confirmation into body of email and sends it back to you, thus ensuring protocol for nomination, seconding and confirmation of willingness to become a director.