With the increase in Covid-19 cases in Cornwall, the testing site at Launceston Rugby Club is still open.  Any testing must be booked in through the NHS website. Currently the site is quite busy (after Boardmasters), but if you do book, suggest get a time before 3pm if possible.

Testing is usually from 0900 until 1500 but please book in and arrive before 3pm to ensure you can get tested.  Suggest book an early time as for some reason booking at the club are taken for after 3pm but testing ceases at 3pm.  This was confirmed verbally this morning (Thursday 26th)

The testing facilities are in the lower car park between the roadside stand and the A388.  Access either through the mainroad gates or via the rugby club inward road. Depends on the covid people on site.  

I have been given a box of self test kits and anyone who would like some please contact me on 07885-904623.  There are seven test kits in each box. I am usually down at the club most days.

Crispin Earle        07885-904623         crispinearle@outlook.com

25th August 2021

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