Wed 16 Jun 2021 11:21

Annual General Meeting: 24/08/20 @19:00.

1 Apologies; Ted Clegg, John Roderick, Micheal Colewell, John Tharme, Micki Stephens, Jacki Stephens.

2 Approve minutes of last year; (Paul Harrison asked if they were correct?) Proposed- mike Haines, Seconder- Susan Jamieson.

3 Receive report;

Paul apologises for John Tharme who is unable to attend due to personal reasons.

Mervyn Yeo President 2020/2021 season.

Ian Goldsmith and Ryan Westren congratulate all players after a huge effort to stay up in the league. Both coaches thanked for there continued work within the club on and off the pitch. Ryan also reached 300 games in January 2020, and Lloyd reached 200 games. Ladies’ players are all willing and able for the fresh season 2020/2021 league.

Crispin Earle was given huge gratitude and appreciation from everyone at the club for his consistent efforts within the club.

Mini juniors up and running. Thank you, Simon Johnson, Roy Webb and John Tharme, for all their administrative work. Reduced playing budget and overheads, hopefully 3/4years the club will be able to move forwards.

Last 5months being exceptionally difficult for Paul as running his business and club demands have caused some trying times. Graham Duke said a huge thank you from all the board and members. Also thanked John Tharme and Miles Tummons who are both stepping down. Bounce back loan sat in the account awaiting an emergency.

Shaun Crawford highlighted a few things about the account’s, but believes with a chartered accountant and treasurer the club will be better.

Paul wishes to stay sponsor depending on finances improving for the upcoming year. Andy Crichton will go forward along with more volunteers bringing the club to unite.

4 Financial account’s; Account’s were not ready, however Paul did promise that they will be ready and sent to all members. Paul did have some figures 2018/2019 club took £222,264 profit £12,706, 2019/2020 club took £187,000 profit £36,000 mainly due to covid and funding etc.

5 Articles of association; The resolution to formally adopt the new articles was passed. 36 votes for, 0 votes against, 1 abstaining (Les Baker because he wasn’t sent a copy), proxy needs checking but by this vote 75% pass it.

6 Andy Crichton and Shaun Crawford became Chairman and Treasurer (although no formal vote was cast). No one came forward and requested a vote.

7 Election of directors; The only director voted on was Graham Duke which was unanimous. Jackie Dinnis is back on the board (no vote). Paul announced the new eight directors once he and John step down. Chairman Andy Crichton, Treasurer Shaun Crawford, President Mervyn Yeo, Secretary Jennifer Samways, Jimmy Tucker, Jackie Dinnis, Mike Haines and Graham Duke.

8 Election of general committee; There was no election, however there was a list on the website of last year’s committee. It was assumed unless they had resigned, they would carry on.

9 Resolution to adopt the revised rules; Mike Warne argued that the resolution was out of order as the rule making body for most things is the committee under article 48. Therefor the directors having power to make further rules under article 17 and that it would not help the committee. The meeting seemed to agree, and the motion was not voted on.

10 Restructuring the club; It was agreed that this was to be done by the new committee not the general meeting. As suggested by Mike Warne.

11 Any other business; Nothing was brought up, However Paul did say the accounts can be viewed anytime.

With this Paul thanked everyone for there ongoing support and dedication to the club and wished the club good luck going forwards.
Meeting closed 19:32.

Andy Crichton Introduced himself and said he has a lot of plans for the club and hope we can all help with this going forwards.