So who is “ Oddballs” ?

Over the past two years you may have seen our beanie hats with Oddballs in them, they are a clothing company who raise awareness of testicular Cancer in men (hence Oddballs), every time a beanie hat, shirt , underwear is purchased 100% goes to that cause , founded in 2014 the oddball foundation has raised well over £500,00, one of the founders is a Richard Metcalfe who is an ex Scotland player, recently said  “ I’ve been amazed by the take up of our products within the Rugby World”.
So now you who Oddballs are, they are always promoting Ned and exciting products linked to firm sports of all types, this season we gave our Mini/juniors a Oddballs towel once they registered with Launceston Rugby Club, they are also available to buy at £15.00 each behind the bar. Tomorrow sees Redruth  here at Polson taking on ALL our age groups, should make for a great day canteen and bar will be open , so if you fancy watching the future of the club you are more than welcome to come and watch.
On another note Launceston Carnival is on the 12th of October hopefully ALL the Mini/Juniors will be participating , the theme this year is “World Cup” look out for them, and let’s hope the weather holds off this year. Enjoy this weeks game against Maidenhead “ Come On You Blacks “

Peter Sandercock