On 20th July this year over three hundred men were tested for prostate cancer at the rugby club.  Our thanks to all those who helped, the nurses who took the samples, the personnel who arranged all the details and equipment, and the club supporters who helped with paper work, passing around tea and biscuits and car parking.  All went smoothly.

Following the test, a total of 321 samples were sent away, from men aged between 42 and 91.
Of these, 9 were amber and 15 red - which will require immediate investigation.

It's so reassuring that these men came forward and can now take the urgent steps they need to which may well save lives.

What was really nice was the number of men who thanked us for setting up the testing.  Many were first timers and were glad of the oppostunity to get tested fot this dangerous cancer disease.

Its a great pity that something like this can't be set up for the ladies.

Again, thanks to all

Remember one small blood test could save your life. To find out if there are any further sessions in the area (and there are quite a few throughout Cornwall during the next few months if you couldn't make Launceston), please visit mypsatests.org.uk


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