For a mere £52 a year - £1 per week - you can join the Launceston Rugby Club 300 Club. Each month prizes of £100, £75, £50 and £25 are drawn - everyone at the club knows someone who has won at some time!

It could be you and if you join now you will be in the December 2019 Christmas draw with £1,300 worth of prizes. That means 1 x £500, 1 x £300, 1 x £100 and then 6 x £50 and 4 x £25. A great way to support the Club and maybe provide a cash injection into your Christmas!

Contact Miles Tummon on 01566 772885 or see the application form for other contact details and instructions. We don't seem able to attach pdf but if you are on your phone or tablet etc PRINT PAGE 2 and the form should print for you.Good Luck.