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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting June 2021

Directors: Jackie Dinnis, Jimmy Tucker, Mike Haines, Jennifer Samways, Shaun Crawford, Andy Crichton, Mervyn Yeo.

  1. Apologies for Absence.

Jacki Stephens, Mick Stephens, Jane Latus, Andrew Clogg, Bernard Rendle, Margaret o Hara, Suzanne Cleave, Jon Perry, Ellie Mason, Troy Keates, Claire Baden, Tracey Gribble, Mike Warne, Anthony Chudleigh.

  1. Minute silence in memory for those who have passed during the year.

All members stood, Andy C didn’t wish to mention names of those passed. Incase wrong information was given and didn’t wish to offend anyone.

  1. To consider and approve the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 24 August 2020.

Approval of last year’s Agm, Geoff B proposed, Jules C Seconded.

  1. To receive and approve the Chairman’s report on the affairs of the Club.

Andy C has said “ March saw the halt to all sports and the clubs ability to host events (COVID ), Boxing Day was cancelled, up until Christmas it was a low for the club and a huge disappointment. He wants a positive outlook and have found some in the work that’s been carried out in the clubhouse By Jimmy T, with Renovating the tables and chairs bar area and benches outside. Crispin E and Jon W on there tremendous work done on the stands with new chairs and maintaining a clean clubhouse and buildings. Pitches are looking really well, Adam C to be groundsman and continue coaching u9’s.

Thank you to Graham Duke for his long service and hard work he has been a credit .

2nd part of the season m/j’s games been going on, Cab’s played two games which gave a positive look and feel within the club and how we catered to all under the COVID regulations. Ladies played and girls trained and played too.

The year has been a survival , thank you to all members , vps, and players here’s to the upcoming season.

Thank you to Mike H and his son Jon, for the roadway and pathway reconstructive. Andy said we just need a new LRC sign to welcome all.

FB is the way to go forward , so watch out for new signings and all new things happening at the club. We still could improve our media and communications. As some events are slow to be advertised. This is being looked at.

Thank you to Ian G and Ryan W for there pitch up and play sessions , these are a huge success and agin media will encourage more to come.

Crispin Earle has been nominated , proposed and seconded by Launceston town award. Crispin will be officially awarded and presented by the mayor in August . Huge appreciation.

Thank you to the board of directors , we have a 5yr plan. Thank’d Leigh with club bookings and income of club management.

Standing down; Jennifer Samways as Secretary, Sandrine Jamoneau as m/j treasurer, Tracey Gribble as Club membership secretary. A huge thank you to Tracy as she has set up a good platform on GMS to assist an easier way of contact members .Troy Keates as m/j fixture secretary, Graham Duke as director.

WhatsApp groups is working well as it keeps all those in the right area in the know.

Andy again thank’d all those again involved in the club one way or another .

  1. To receive a Financial and Accountant’s report for the year to 30 May 2021.

Launceston Rugby Club AGM  28/06/2021


Peter Stevenson of Hodgsons


Appointed during lock down last year

Hodgsons have now prepared accounts two years ended 31stMay 2021


 Long periods of inactivity of the sport, like many other sports, but seems worse for rugby at this level in the RFU pyramid.

I’m going to go through accounts, from a financial perspective, acknowledging your desires to play rugby.


Funding from Cornwall Council and Govt have supported a large number of businesses during lockdown. I advised your former chairman last year about entitlements. Year ended 31/5/2020 £25k Council funding and in year to 31/5/21 Council funding and furlough a further £28k. Lifelines for survival.


Year ended 31/05/2020, rugby ceasing in March 2020, almost a full year of activity, a profit of £29k, supported by the aforementioned £25k from Council. Last full year of participation in rugby 31/5/2019 showed a profit of £12k generated from a turnover of £222k


Year ended 31/05/2021 profit of £48k earned from a turnover of £83k plus govt grant funding of £28k

At year end, 31/5/21, balance in bank accounts was over £100k, although this was enhanced by the Bounce Back loan of £50k


Reserves, being retained post tax profits, are positive for the first time in a number of years at £18k


No Corporation tax payable on either year’s profits due to taxable losses brought forward.

 Any queries on the accounts or any other financially related matter

 pjs 28th June 2021


  1. To elect Honorary Life Members of the Club.

Andy C proposed Paul Harrison as an honorary life member. Jimmy T proposed, Jacki D seconded.

  1. To Confirm the Directors for the forth coming season 2021/2022.

Mike Haines and Jimmy Tucker bother due to retire however would like re-stand. Geoff B proposed, Liz H seconded. Andy Collings also to become director. Crispin E proposed, Ian G seconded.

  1. To consider any other business of which due notice shall have been given.

Nothing to add.

  1. To hear any other relevant matters for the consideration of the Board of Directors and the  Executive Committee during the ensuing year, but on which no voting shall be allowed.

Andy opened up the floor for discussion.

Ian G asked, How to resolve communications within the club? Social media will go to Suzanne Cleave , who will have the ability to update on all media. Leigh will be editor and update bookings and things at the club as Club manager.

John Dunn asked, Article 2.1 from last years Agm was not voted and therefore incorrect!! Jacki D and Jenny s both recalled and read out the exact votes from last years Agm and Andy C confirmed this was voted on.

Honorary Secretary to go to Jules Crichton. Jackie D proposed, Peter Sandercock seconded.

Fixture secretary to go to Peter Sandercock.

Crispin E ladies facilities what’s happening? Andy replied “ it’s part of the 5yr plan and they are a top priority going forward.

Andy mentioned about bookings and the horse show events, he shall be having a word with Andy Reeve over volunteering of staff etc. Funfair was a huge success, however the bar wasn’t during this period.

Andy C we aim to maintain positivity throughout the club going forwards.No further questions , meeting called to an end.


20:15 , Jennifer Samways .